Felixstowe Town Position

Position was centred on Martello Tower Q, consisted of fire trenches linked by communication trenches and surrounded by wire, up to four belts in places.  This was the right flank position of the Felixstowe defences.  Some houses and the Pavilion were fortified. A stockade was constructed by the pier. Mines were located on the north of the position, to be fired electrically.


Trenches were revetted with timber and wire netting. Corrugated iron sheets were to be laid over the fire trenches for weather cover for sentries.


Drums of paraffin were kept on hand for burning some houses. Houses were to be only burnt on news of hostile landings.


The banks and hedges of Garrison Lane were demolished to clear fields of fire and allow mutual support to the Goyfield House position.


The stockade was constructed from 3”x3” timber, sandbags and the boarding provided from demolished fences.


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