Landguard Fort Positions

Landguard Fort was defended to the north by a position prepared on the Common and to the south by a position prepared in the vicinity of the Emergency Light Emplacements. Landguard Fort itself held the reserve, which in February 1916 consisted of one officer, 51 rank and file and a machine gun.


Landguard Common Position

This position blocked the direct approach to Landguard Fort from the north. A trench linked a block house and redoubt, with a two bay wire entanglement in front of the position.  Two further blockhouses were constructed to the north-west. The blockhouses were 12’x12’ for eight men and one light machine gun and were constructed by civilian labour.

































Landguard Point Position

This position enclosed the Emergency Light Emplacements at landguard Point. It consisted of three blockhouses surrounded by a two bat wire entanglement.  The blockhouses were 15’x15’ for four riflemen and were constructed by the Special Service Section of the 1st East Anglia Field Company R.E.  


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