Pillboxes: Square and hexagonal

Hexagonal Pillboxes


Similar to the classic Type 22 of WW2, and are well constructed. They had loopholes in five sides with a door with steel shutters on the sixth side. Loopholes were splayed or had a single step and had steel shutters fitted on the inside.  Walls were 1 ft thick.  Constructed with poured concrete,  wood used for shuttering. Three survive in Suffolk (one at Kessingland and two at Rushmere).  These were almost certainly constructed in the spring of 1918.





















  Above: Left and middle - plan and image of pillbox, Kessingland; perhaps one of the first pillboxes to be manned in WW2 as it was  part of the defences

 of the 5th Royal Berks in 1939 in the event of a German landing.  Right - one of the two hexagonal pillboxes at Rushmere (used by the Home Guard in




Square Pillboxes

Square pillboxes: Photographic evidence certainly shows simple square pillboxes were constructed at Felixstowe. A rectangular machine gun pillbox is known from Bawdsey, but is now entirely covered by shingle. No others survive in Suffolk today.



Right: Machine gun pillbox and barbed wire, Felixstowe



















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